wm love

At first sight it has to be clear that this black raw beauty and the sensitive webmeister are made for each other.

But, who could describe feelings as deep as this truely endless love to a Polaroid SLR 680 camera better than the webmeister himself (trained in endless lomographic guestbook sessions):

"of course I own an SX-70, of course the SX is the queen of all polacams.
but for a grubby, rotten guy like me the queen is just *too* beatyful and stylish. so I take out and caress my SX-70 only on werry special occasions (like I do with my otha beatyful and classy precious treasure too).
for everyday's action I use and love the sx's black stepsister, the charming SLR680.
like docsie correctly stated, her raw black beaty perfectly fits my sensitive soul and my shabby appearance. this wondaful instrument combines the advantages of the SX - the amazing folding mechanism, the mindblowing SLR optics, great closeup abilities - with the convenience of autofcocus. the biologist inside of me just loves her huge sonar ear that looks like a golden compound eye, and for someone who is so 1.) "schaas-augert" (fart-eyed) and 2.) narcistic (nobody has more 'Me' pix) like I am, autofocus is a real blessing.
what can I say?
I just love us!"

(Artist Obituary by doc)
(Love Confession by the Artist)

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