Doc is creazy and not very good in english writing and talking. Never the less he thinks he can write funny textes in ingrish and that is basically the beginning of the whole mess. The only advantage of reading his textes is the fact that you don't get wet (something that definatelly will happen talking to him in person as his "TH" will cover you with saliva like a warm november rain).

On the other side doc is the proud owner of 4 golden sx70 cameras, won the tetris worldchampionship 12 times (8 times against the famous lexi), makes robbie williams look like kiss without makeup when performing live as "FREEFLOW" and last but not least he persuaded WebMeister to start this whole project around his deepest passion called POLAROID.

Therefore doc is allowed to also sleep or work in the Polanoid office every second day (the days Webmeister sleeps at home in his new penthouse-loft in almost the middle of the center of vienna.

»doc's polaroids