The real master of remote connection and wireless fiction. Originally born in australia and destined to become the greatest prognosticator ever, wongsi is always on the search for future trends and trendsettings inventions.

As there is no more futuristic city on earth than vienna, this was the perfect soil for wongsi to become world famous, or at least to prepair everything for becoming world famous in the future.

Now, several years, absinths and 3-husaren dinners later it is more than obvious that wongsi finally succeeded as he is the asskicking artist who is responsible for making POLANOID look so good. This is an amazing performance for a designer who stubbornly refuses to wear any other eyeglasses than this crazy finger-folding- modell.

Wongsi, even if your never ending search for future technologies have transmitted you back downunder, this project will be always connected to your blood sweat and tears in the future.