10 out of artpunk's 105 favourite polas in random order.
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When I Remember (bonnie)

An amazing negative, magical!
shake baby, shake (KPS)

Nice use of selective blur!
Fossil (LiA)

Great B&W concept/theme thingy (sorry the theme exceeds my vocabulary also)
arbeitsbuch für ausländer 1 (catartica)

New Gothic (Fab)

This one just makes me smile...
fishes 02 (dier)

bok :: boxed (David_S)

Intelligent composition in a pola at its best!
rosary (carmendevos)

Magical series from a magic woman/godess!
Beautiful Decay #1 (stOOpidgErL)

Fantastic urban decrepitude capture!
* (tam-tam)

Artistic, colourful, lovely!