10 out of rui_de_freitas' 19 favourite polas in random order.
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Penumbra (petere)

Great composition and the whole ambience of it is marvelous
...sometimes they come back... (kite)

This one is great. Excellent concept and flawless conception.
cadavre exquis (cadavre_exquis)

Seldom can the colors be as pale as the day. Like an old movie.
In your city once more (Jetsetter23)

room with a view
grand's fantasies (BastianK)

home renovations (LEjovik)

The layers and the texture mix perfectly.
Magic Tree (parahanga)

this one is enchanted...
Mac Donalds (LUDOVICUS)

Something like Wim Wenders might do touring America.
misex 2 (mariella)

Reminds me of some Newton. I like it!
Lugano (PPierre)