10 out of RhettRedelings' 100 favourite polas in random order.
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Silence (m6)

Brilliant! Why hasn't this been SoTD yet?
Facing The Storm [ + ] (jcoldslabs)

I don't have the words for how incredible this is.
a brave face (nnini)

Great shot, brilliant quote.
Faith, trust and something I forgot (Esther.Z.Schnickenacke)

Calling The Wild (BastianK)

Incredibly beautiful and surreal.
Gigi's Thoughts (m6)

Beautiful, sensitive, well composed.
Autumn melancholy (PPierre)

There's nothing I don't love here.
Summer in America / Liberty (Mrlavinyl)

Step Out (BastianK)

This is one of the coolest, most evocative and iconic images I've ever seen.
In The Garden (butter_fry)

That is nothing short of brilliant! Lewis Carrol would be proud.