10 out of jmgcg's 50 favourite polas in random order.
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qiuqiu (lu_zhao)

Just look a the photo :-) isnīt it amazing ??
Michelle (AnnaSlava)

Ethiopia (AnnaSlava)

Lago (MarcoBruni)

Dove finisce l'acqua dell'Arno... (MarcoBruni)

final act (onepaladin)

mongolfiera03 (photo_lamp)

make up artist at work (zveliakine)

This one reminds me Blade Runner, the scene where Harrison Ford shots Zora trough a glass.
We know this is a make up artist, but the expression in the girls face is awesome, seem she is saying "here i am, this is my flesh this is my blood "
captain (45sping)

violent scene (zveliakine)

Ok hereīs a example of what i said in one of the other images, this really reminds me Philip-Lorca diCorcia image, the spot off light leads me to that.