10 out of mia_carisa's 114 favourite polas in random order.
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A strange look (polkadots)

pretty colors, nice contrast with the girl's style and expression
Ce n'est pas ce qu'Evelyne avait prévu. (Mrseb)

magical atmosphere
Olivia, Backlit (louobedlam)

lovely direct and red, the hair in front of the face-particularly lovely
Ask Your Doctor. (demoforest)

drugs are like that
The wind is passing by (elinor)

charming girl
vienna expired 02 (doc)

super pretty vivid colors!
Portrait of stéphanie (aurelienD)

stunning, caught in-between moments
alleyway (drewbaker)

such a mysterious atmosphere, i love it
Night (KimvanGroos)

so cool~
given the chance, you may see heaven (futurowoman)

wonderfully dreamy