HangUpInvalids (San Francisco, US)

yay! i'm so glad i got him to join cause he's THE AWESOME. Look Marek- i clicked on us as "bosom buddies"...you better feel special dammit.

stOOpidgErL (Detroit, US)

spitocco (, )

youdmakeagreatcop (Chicago, US)

makes my nips hard.

carlisle (Chicago, US)

best friend/polaroid partner in crime that lives down the street from me and tells me to shut my whorish mouth all the time.

uslan (London, GB)

whatever. you love puppies.

uncleslappy38 (Columbus, OH, US)

i don't know why i just now came across him but his polas are soooooo fucking great.

LiA (Wien, AT)

i don't think i really have to say too much here. you all know she's one of the best ever. Beautiful girl. Beautiful Polas.

centecente (Cremona, IT)

simply beautiful images.

Thank You For Shopping (Seattle, US)

i like the way he sees things.