milkysoldier (Paris, FR)

She offered me that fantastic toy and takes dreamy pictures that make everyday's life softer

amaliachimera (San Francisco, US)

Peter Pan girl disguised in photographer. I love her sweet vision of the world, her creativity, her colors. just perfect

My.Iowa (., US)

Her pictures are a trip to an unknown world and unknown time. Captures the beauty of the world around us.

liliroze (Paris, FR)

Sarah Moon changed her name

innocentartistry (75010, FR)

Lift master. The Paris he captures is at the same time very accurate and exquisitely delicate.

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

I simply adore his sense of composition and his projection work.

joster (Countryside, SE)

swedish delicacy

vertigomoon (***, JP)

sculptural polaroids one can't even dream of.

petochok (Montreal, CA)

his drawings and typewriter messages completly transform the look we have on his pictures. Great creativity.

Gotnc (Paris, FR)

Her transfer and lift work transforms the modern Paris into that of the begenning of the century. SHe takes pictures of the seaside when I feel an urge to escape from the capitale.

birdclaws (Baltimore, US)

No man's land specialist.

HyppoliteAlaska (, )

ethereal young lady living in a sweet world

chrisdeblock (Antwerpen, BE)

creative and sweet photographer. She likes trains too

lilhaga (Marseille, FR)

artistic handwriting that tranforms the pictures into magical poems

CDR (Cornwall, GB)

nature lover, his pictures aquire the aura of old days

hektor (Paris, FR)

mysterious and provocative photographer. Deliciously captures girls' night life and secret dreams. I'm in love with his/her vogue picture.

colourspace (Warwick, GB)

colourspace is pastel and sweet. She knows the dreams of little girls. She hasn't forgotten that big girls still have a little one in their heads.

miamagic (El Paso, US)

tatooed sweetness incarnated. Beautiful mum and beautiful eye too. She Likes ballons and cracked paint, me too.

benrains (, )

Sexy TV watcher and fruit murderer. Unscanny vision. A perfect profile picture.

ciarco79 (All over the world, IT)

Italian, photobooth lover, creates magical sceneries with plastic figurines, sends polacards... he seems like a fun man.

kevinkay (New York City, US)

picture and collage of an other time

plaidjack (Brooklyn, NY, US)

The photographer that enters the man's mind befor he left. great mosaics, I'm waiting for his newt uploads.

emilie79 (Paris, FR)

Soft and strong and creative self-portraitist. One would want to see what is behind those eyes. She intimidates me, I don't know why.

polgaroid (A Coruna, ES)

His pictures from Paris are perfect, I'd love him to show me around

Wezzoribrezzo (Reggio Emilia, IT)

He found me first. I like his world very much too, he lives in a highly sweet world.

audret (Montpellier, FR)

A speck of sunshine to my eyes

Kuroneko (Tokyo, JP)

delicate eye

colie (Orlando, US)

three polas a day, three surprises a day.

nanako (***, )

tender sigh

goddamnanalog (Santa Fe, US)

highly creative, adds his own personnal touch to the world around him. Leaves me admirative

niko (Home Island, CC)

lanscape master, nature lover, he makes us travel to wonderful lands

marta_v (Alicante, ES)



les coups de génies de violhaine!

BastianK (Freyung, DE)

the romantic pin-up winter world!

deyss (Paris, FR)

nice encounter

Bylino (Paris, FR)

a "killer's" face with an "ungirly" heart but what an eye! Allez sur son site, c'est le voyage assuré

m6 (Above the clouds, FR)

Rainbow warrior wardrobe. A rebel with a heart. I like balloons too.

Rayon-couscous (***, FR)

beautiful selfportrait

Reyo (Paris, FR)

An imaginary world maker!

immagininazione (Pordenone, IT)

fun and imaginative. Pola traveller.

FrauWaldi (Stuttgart, DE)

I like eames too!

esger (Annecy, FR)

sweet visions of childhood

dorothea (Cambridge, GB)

KneeBee (Wuerzburg, DE)

photobooth princess

ouen (Bretagne, FR)

Ah! La Bretagne!!!!

Carnation (***, FR)

chouette découverte!

rabbitandsparrow (New York, US)

London poetry! In the US?