nini312 (San Francisco, UM)

ann and I go together like peas and carrots not that I eat those alot or anything. We have been best friends since 1998 when we uncovered the mystery Id like to call,"my boyfriend was sleeping with you huh?".Instead of anger...a love affair blossomed and we've been friends ever since. Ann is coming into her own in the photographic medium. I love her

certone (San Francisco, US)

an amazing photographer

marisapage (San Francisco, US)

Marisa is a nice girl,who knows how to use the holga much better than I ever did.Maybe sometime I can teach her how to develop her film herself in a trade for her teaching me how to use that frustrating toy camera ! Maybe this would all happen if she actually came to san francisco and hung out with me...MOVE HERE ALREADY,SM IS NOT THE LOOK ANY LONGER

joel (Bierges, BE)

very creative photographer