louelise (Grenoble, FR)

My first Polanoid friend, Yay!

emilie79 (Paris, FR)

Every Polaroid Emilie uploads is a masterpiece.

milkysoldier (Paris, FR)

Her Polas are dreamy and wonderful.

Mrlavinyl (Madrid, ES)

Vinyl and Polaroid, Is there any better combination?!?

SteveTilbury (London, GB)

I love that some of Steve's great Polaroids are shot just down the road.

mattjudas (Levanto, IT)

Brilliant photographs every time! I especially love Matt’s combined series/project work.

TheGentlemanAmateur (London, GB)

Great TZ-Artistic Polas and brilliant new PX70 shots.

BastianK (Freyung, DE)

Bastian and Julia are brilliant Polaroid storytellers.

maplesyruponly (Chicago, US)

Great portraits, and amazing use of TZ Artistic tones.

rommel (New York City, US)

Rommel's Polaroids are simply outstanding!

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

Amazing Polas and the master of mosaics!

noidmeister (Wien, AT)

Noah shoots great Polas and has always produced fantastic results on IP test films.