LiA (Wien, AT)

Theres not enough words to express how talented and how inspirational she is. i know she has inspiered me in many ways. her kindness and warmth really is reflected throughout her work.
She is someone who with her work will let you see her emotions, her situations and her inspirations.
Her work does not only reflect her talent but her devotion to her passions. I believe she is someone who is not afraid to challange the challangeable and this is reflected in her work...
Truelly someone to be aware of.....
thank you.

polgaroid (A Coruna, ES)

Ive been seeing his work for a while now, in another online gallery and i have to say that his work is truelly fantastic.
the way he approches his concepts are so intruiging that you never want to stop seeing his work..

The_Creepalichs (Cardiff, GB)

I know Lia has a beautiful Voice, so i cant wait to see what she brings with Richard..
The concepts that both of them have so far are magnificant and i love little Polly

lloydhughes (Perth, AU)

Ive been seeing lloyds work on another online site and so ive grown familiar to his work. his unique style, his work with models is what i like best. his tones and hues are great because they go well with his range of work.

retina (Koeln, DE)

I love her work,

Esther.Z.Schnickenacke (Muenchen, DE)


Annie (Bradford, GB)

jamesm (Sydney, AU)

motel (Basel, CH)

holzroboter (Hamburg, DE)

love his hues and tones on his pola films

Urizen (Berlin, DE)


Fraeulein (Cork, IE)

she is Beautiful and talented. love her to bits