williac (Columbus, US)

We hit it off musically which means we'll always have something to shoot the shit about. Music never stops giving.

catartica (Gravina (BA), IT)

It appears that we are carved from the same wood politically. I really adore the context she provides through descriptions of her photos.

demoforest (Albuquerque, US)

Consistently good uploads and a neighbor of sorts (as close to a neighbor as a Polanoider living in the U.S. American Southwest can have apparently.)

roidrage (New York, US)

To write that I worship the pixel orgies many of her photos elicit on my laptop screen would be hella cheesy, so that's exactly what I'm writing. I suspect she controls the entire universe in some unfathomable way.

poohlaga (New York, US)

Ooh yeah! Maybe one of these days we will shoot Shriners in their handsome fezes driving their little co-karts in figure eight formations on the 4th of July in Seguin with Polaroid cameras. Oh, how great that would be. Wasn't there a Watermelon Queen too? Shouldn't there be a Pecan Queen in Seguin? Heehee.

Annie (Bradford, GB)

Another unexpected music connection. Yes, Regina Spektor is *such* a bad-ass!

Urizen (Berlin, DE)

I've not even come across more than perhaps a dozen of his pictures in my undoubtedly many-week long reverse-chronological quest to view every photograph on Polanoid and I already know that I am a big fan of what he does. I hope he won't stop exploring micro- and macro-universes any time soon.

ladukes (Worcester, US)

I've barely been in touch with her and she's already taught me a little history lesson. Who knows what all I'll learn if I continue to keep in touch? The potential! Plus the less intimidated she feels, the better. Keep Polaroid hope alive!

Milch (Kassel, DE)

Seriously, who doesn't like milk apart from the lactose-intolerant and the Japanese?

Jakob.Salomon (Muenchen, DE)

Bavaria terra cognita fecunda est. Oder so. Der Herr denkt interessante Gedanken und zaubert wunderbare Photos.

berlimbrasil (Berlin, DE)

I have only a very vague idea as to who she is. A Brazilian living in Berlin? Not that it matters. I like her sense of humor and her randomness.

dimitris (Athens, GR)

He was the first person to ever comment on a photo of mine (and did so pretty much within minutes of my uploading my first batch.) Receiving feedback so quickly made me realize early on that Polanoid is good people (as they say here in the South.)

He is Greek, but I have no idea what his name is (the lack of vowels in his chosen Polanoid name makes it hard for me to think of him as anything but `the Greek.') Ok, sometimes I see his Polanoid name and I try to pronounce it in my head: khssvvuhkks. I'm afraid that there may be a significance to those consonants that I should grasp yet fail to.

He surprises me with his choices (and I've probably only seen less than a third of his photos, because I'm still about 22,500 photos short of having seen every public photo on Polanoid.)

It appears that he is a masochist when it comes to reading, because he claims that he needs a dictionary to decipher my exhaustive descriptions and comments yet he also says that he likes that. And I think he's right when he writes that it is characteristic of me to concoct such verbal quandaries. So naturally my description of him in my friends list is verbose. I don't think this is dictionary material, though, or is it, Greek?

LiA (Wien, AT)

Quite possibly more creative as well as destructive potential than you, I and everyone else we know can shake sticks at. Lia possesses a 1000 horse power heart and a 10000 lumens mind. She's both a formidable friend and a formidable foe. Light and moth all in one.

Donna (Guelph, CA)

In Polaroid photography of cats we trust. And why not?

uslan (London, GB)

Photographs? He must be kidding. This gentleman shoots the shit better and with more random abandon than most and that's what we do on occasion. Highly recommended.

p.s. What photographs?

flowkey (Berlin, DE)

flowkey is not a dictionary word! But that's ok. He's good with the typewriter and creates tremendously amusing Polaroid flash cards for what seem like mostly obscure German words. If you're ever looking for offbeat German-learning aids or want to beef up your German vocabulary with a few head-scratchers, scour his gallery :-)

yoursinrevolt (Banff, CA)

The Pacific Northwest is in good hands.

Solidaritšt, Liebe, und Kraft.

rodeo (London, GB)

Good memories of good photographs and a damn nice person to boot. (She deserves a more elaborate and in-depth description.) In any event, lovely lovely lovely.