Siho (Gamagori, JP)

Beautifully reserved with a striking eye for making ordinary objects seem larger than life. A serious inspiration.

Lemim (Nantes, FR)

Makes pictures that look like glorious moments from a Eric Rohmer film.

automatik (London, GB)

king of the super 8, great image maker.

jpallaris (London, GB)

CDR (Cornwall, GB)

Fantastic polaroid artists. Poetic and very striking, plus gotta love the cats!

LiA (Wien, AT)

Gorgeously warm and soft images, i'm so envious of what this lady can do with the SX-70 and some TZ Artistic film.

missingshow (Cardiff, GB)

known for years, love his work.

Instantkarma (Anaheim, CA, US)

creates images that are like stills from a road movie.

chrisdeblock (Antwerpen, BE)

This ladies images are just gorgeous. If poetry can be captured on film then she does a damn fine job.

rachaelb (Wollongong, AU)

polar65 (Verbania, IT)

petere (Tyresö, SE)

His images are timeless, sometimes lyrical and very observational. His portraits truly see deep into the people he photographs.

BastianK (Freyung, DE)

His images are timeless, rich and full of life. He captures moments so effortlessly. He has a gift for sure.

emmacook (London, GB)

rodeo (London, GB)

Her SX-70 shots are breathtaking. She appreciates Wales which is no bad thing and i'm sad that her 180 has broken because she knows how to take a damn good picture with it!


His images of Japan bring back so many memories from my own visits. His Polas are beautiful pieces of art.

dfuster74 (Barcelona, ES)

He has a love for Polaroid and Super 8, his pictures are beautiful in their simple observations of everything that's around us. He is, simply put, awesome!

maplesyruponly (Chicago, US)

I like her polas a lot. They remind me of daydream moments in an Indian Summer that we almost never get here. She captures a certain aspect of life in America that i have a fondness for, kind of like Terrance Malick