laetitia (Toulouse, FR)

miss chacha rules the sx70 world

mathieu (Bordeaux, FR)

Sozo (Paris, FR)

Babapola (Paris, FR)

beautiful polaroids here
check her website : »link

romainbjames (Paris, FR)

hip hip hipster..

dolphinhorse (Philadelphia, US)

i like the work and the beard!!


creative pola addict

diana_luganski (Helsinki, FI)

patrick_winfield (, )

just the best for pola 'assmblages'. great artist here!!

cocorosie (Boulogne, FR)

a mysterious girl who know people i know & wear mask that i wear..

polkadots (Paris, FR)

it's been a while i'm seeing her great pola and thought i'll add her in this pola friendlist..

birdclaws (Baltimore, US)

best polanoider ever!! great work, clap clap

iamsailor (Toulouse, FR)

very creative guy.. and his daddy was my super photo teacher last year, hihi