demoforest (Albuquerque, US)

i dig his work. you should too. my first friend on polanoid. every shot he takes is magic. i repeat. magic. fucking david copperfield style. it'll wow the shit out of you. literally. i feel like i just had a polaroid enema.

giveupthegoat (Berkeley, CA, US)

she just keeps getting better and better. she has some lovely multi-frame pieces i like quite a bit. but honestly, this girl does some bad ass work with non-pola cameras. i prolly shouldn't hype that up over here, but i definitely felt it was worth mentioning.

cowe (Los Angeles, US)

i've known this cat since back in the day. junglist!

bluecharlotte (Minneapolis, US)

beautiful photos with an amazing perspective.

noliesjustlove (Long Beach, US)

the pidge monster. she is responsible for introducing me to this insanely addictive lifestyle rather.

sixblueten (San Francisco, US)

the man, the myth, the legend. who could beat your ass a polaroid showdown? tod brilliant. that's right bitches. recognize. i envy his abilities behind his chinese made 690. i mean, uh...japanese...yeah...that's right.

louobedlam (Los Feliz, CA, US)

lou is the most special black jewish guy i've ever met. his eye for amazing portraits astounds me. AND he introduced me to 680 slr. AND flickr. AND co-arranged the polaroid nerdfest with tod. how could he not be my hero?

bartlebooth (Washington DC, US)

another converted 110 afficionado. we love our antiquated cameras. this man does wonderful things with black and white. he has an amazing eye for contrast me thinks.

asnakeinthegrass (Columbus, OH, US)

we share an affinity for black and white graveyard.

Kat.White (Sydney, AU)

she has an eye for some great colors.

tuberoller (Chicago, US)

big up to the converted 110a massive. if you haven't seen his gallery yet, you're doing yourself some injustice. peep it. it is required.

thom.trauner (Scharnstein, AT)

a good man with a good sense for capturing surreal landscaping.

jesuskriist (Los Angeles, US)

we have both agreed the similarities between us are frighteningly numerous...including having the same birthday.

pj.maracle (Minneapolis, US)

albeit, still in the prime of youth, he shows a lot of potential. hehe perhaps it's cuz some shots of his i see, reminds me of something i'd shoot. maybe. perhaps. either way, i look forward to more.

KimvanGroos (Glendale, CA, US)

another awesome new friend from the polaroid nerdfest. super nice as well (seems to be an epidemic of niceness among the polanerds). marvel at her gallery. no, really. treat yourself.

jdestro84 (Washington DC, US)

this kid is pure sickness. and it is only the beginning. he's got a keen eye for great light and shadows. i'll wait here while you look and agree with me.

hasp22 (Treviso, IT)

a friend on a polanoid and a friend on flickr. check out this guy's eye for black and white. too good. too too good.

Matthew Kern (New York City, US)

if you haven't seen his work yet, you're dumb. plain and simple.

ColorblindArtistWhoCantDraw (Roanoke, US)

colorblind shmolorblind. this man rocks the camera regardless. we share a penchant for photographing architecture. also, check out his abstract work. it's neat.

doublespeak (Tampa, US)

i originally saw his stuff in the few mysapce clubs we're in together. but i prefer to view them on here...especially since there are a lot more. this cat shoots some ill night shit. a great eye for lighting. oh...and if you haven't seen his wheel of sparks yet...i pity you.

revivify (Portland, OR, US)

a friend on flickr and now on polanoid. if you look at her collection, you'll notice she has a thing for macro-sorta stuff. and that, in my opinion, rules. to the umpteenth degree.

Mouchette (Bordeaux, FR)

she rocks the cu dental cam and rocks it well. check out her macro stuff on her blog. some beautiful shots if i don't say so myself. but i have a thing for macro. sue me.

jonespointfilm (Csobánka, HU)

i love anyone that provides as much technical information as this one does. granted, he's only got 4 polaroid uploaded. but one of them was a shot of the day...on a homemade pinhole camera nonetheless. and it's easily one of my most favorite polas on this site. ever.

tonkatsu76 (Nagasaki, JP)

first off, i enjoy tonkatsu so there's instant cool points for an excellent choice of user names. secondly, i feel he, like tod and myself, are all over the place as far as what we shoot and what we shoot on. that, aside from liking a lot of his shots, i'm a fan.

patrick_winfield (, )

siiiiick collection here on the abstract and experimental tip. his work constantly blows my mind and ii am in we of his photogram work. honestly, i wish i could say more about it...but really you must see for yourself.

automatik (London, GB)

a new friend in london, i've been checking out his collection. i like it because it's varied. plus, he gets amazing colors from the combination of his sx-70 and 600 film. a personal favorite is a photograph entitled "commuting". look at it.

sikost (Saint-Raphael, FR)

meeting cyril was one of the highlights of my european excursion. easily one of the coolest people i've met in a really long time, his skills behind the camera are truly astounding. take the time to examine his other links on his profile. i assure you, you'll be amazed. and this cat gets down with light painting. incredible stuff really.

ny-records (Tokyo, JP)

keico is the shit. i love the style she throws on her work. as i said to her today actually, there is an elegance and beautiful simplicity to each and every photo she shoots. as a wise man said once, sometimes less is more.


my brother from paris who i finally had the pleasure of meeting while in france. he's a brilliant shooter. period. and easily one of the best people i've ever met. check out his gallery. his style is diverse and all of his shots look a wonderful wonderful way.

Jose605 (Madrid, ES)

in my mind, jose is a master of framing. i feel each and every shot in his gallery is exactly as he intended while he shot it. granted, this is my own little theory concocted in my crazy little brain, but i calls em as i sees em.

macs (, )

due to the craziness of trying to pack for a month long trip, i unfortunately can only speak briefly about my new friend macs. i actually enjoy the very large majority of his gallery and respect him because... well...he can properly wield a pinhole camera. and his b&w portraits are rather amazing.

polkadots (Paris, FR)

yet another treat of my trip to paris, i got the chance to meet and shoot with flore and raph. they are both great people, true camera nerds, and in my book, photographically gifted. i instantly respect anyone that modifies their cameras on their own, especially with a fisheye lens. viva la polkadots!

MarthaMyDear (Paris, various arr., FR)

a real sweetheart, we met at the paris polaroid nerdout. she's got a great eye and like i said, a genuinely wonderful person. ridiculously talented and ridiculously cute. i look forward to more uploads from her.

Rio (Berlin, DE)

i was stoked to meet up with him for a drink in paris. he's a really cool cat. if he comes to your town, i recommend meeting up with. or vice versa.

tweek (Ceska Lipa, CZ)

part of the paris polkadots crew, we had the pleasure of meeting at the paris polaroid nerdout. sure, he's young. and sure, he might not have thousands upon thousands of polas uploaded, but he has a keen eye that we should all be jealous of. i am. i'm excited to see the countless uploads that are sure to come.

orezemit (Roswell, US)

how can you not respect someone that comes up with an idea as brilliant as the infinity project? you have to. plain and simple. a genuinely nice guy, his collection is extremely diverse which always keeps me coming back for more.

Chatou (Paris, FR)

chatou is another new friend from paris that rolls with tweek and the mighty polkadots crew. unfortunately, we didn't get much of a chance to talk since i was playing host...and i don't speak french. but regardless, he's super nice, his work is good, and he's part of the polkadots crew. what's not to like?!?

g. (Hamburg, DE)

g is the shit. plain and simple. first off, like myself, sixblueten and tonkatsu76, he uses a variety of cameras, film types, and subjects. personally, i respect people that have their respective styles, but even more respect for those that are constantly trying to experiment and grow. and g is just that. his collection is beautifully diverse and i'm a huge fan of anyone that loves night shots.

dolphinhorse (Philadelphia, US)

a brother of the beard, the dolphinhorse rocks the 195 with agile abilites. it seems like he's been getting down with the minimalistic style as of late and it's working for him. he really does know how to use (or not use as the case may be) the space he has to work with. i anticipate more.

traskblueribbon (Eugene, US)

i love this guy. granted, i met him through flickr first, so i'm gald to see him on the polanoid tip. a helluva shooter, in my opinion, his work with automobiles astounds me... and i'm not even really that into cars. but his shit looks good. check it if you get the chance.

Kristopher (Seattle, US)

a rad new friend from the s.f. polaroid nerdout. a super cool kid from the pacific northwest who swings a mad land camera. his gallery here on polanoid is just getting started, but you can be sure to see some more good shit. sooner rather than later. to get you started, look at the very first shot. be wowed. i am.

abductos (Berkeley, CA, US)

a new friend from the glorious s.f. polaroid nerdout who i would've liked to talk to more. hard to do when there are 40 other polaroid nerds all fighting for each other's attention. i like her abstract style though. and her default pic is one of my favorites.

matznet (Malmö, SE)


paco_france (Dijon, FR)

paco paco paco. a very friendly guy who is working his ass off to set up a polaroid exhibition during a music festival in france. imagine. hundreds of polas and dozens of bands. help him out and send him some stuff. it sounds like fun, don't it?

k_tenmiller (Pittsburgh, US)

such a remarkable feel to her shots. wonderfully diverse. and everything, i feel, has a touch of history to it. i am particularly in awe of her work with expired film. expired film of all sorts. her diversity excites my eye. and it should very well excite yours as well.

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

nothing but respect here. this cat is a huge inspiration when it comes to mosaics. i can't say enough good things about his work.

_micaela (San Jose, US)

micaela fucking rules. i met her at the s.f. polaroid nerdout. of course, she arrived a little bit late, but quickly wowed everyone with her behind-the-camera abilities... and it doesn't hurt she is funnier than hell.

flybutter (New York, US)

like micaela, alexis also fucking rules. she's got mad skills behind the camera AND is one of the nicest people you will EVER meet. i will never be able to say enough nice things. for example, in sf, when we discovered that my car window had been smashed and glass covered the passenger side of the interior, i stood still and silent while she took it upon herself to clean up all the shards of glass. everyone should sing her praises.

franck (Paris, FR)

amazing. simply amazing.

indieanna (Tacoma, WA, US)

i like cute indie asian female polaroid nerds who take night shots and hang out with vinyl. =]

Ilovethe1970s (Overland Park, US)

jOJoLriGoLo (Versailles, FR)

jerseyen (Taipei, TW)

i'm tellin ya...i have a thing for cute asian girls with polaroid obsessions.

flukux (Paris 18, FR)

sick abstract and experimental polaroid work. i love his entire gallery and can't wait to see more.

emilie79 (Paris, FR)

a true polaroid poet. no more needs to be said. just spend some quality time looking at her collection.

David_S (Glasgow, GB)

what can one say about the incredilbe david_s? gifted? yes. an amazing eye? yes. creative ideas? yes. super nice? fuck yes. it seems he's one of those cats that can pick up any camera and make it his bitch. so to speak.

black_city (***, )

davidcrawford (Champaign, US)

Wezzoribrezzo (Reggio Emilia, IT)

Zeusone (Leicester, GB)

rodeo (London, GB)

jkreileder (Dortmund, DE)

mia_carisa (El Paso, US)

mkmtta (Pesaro, IT)

girl.x (Chicago, US)

originally, we met through flickr, so i'm glad to see her over this way as well. this girl is doooope. her shots are all over the spectrum of style. but her abstract and minimalist work is what gets me. i love it.

POLA665 (Paris, FR)

the black and white MASTER. his b&w work is what i aspire to. much respect.

JRJacobs (Los Angeles, US)

another friend i have met offline, courtesy of flickr and polanoid. we first met at my show, which i was flattered that he came out at all. hell of a guy and a wealth of polaroid knowledge. one guy i'd definitely like to shoot more with.

United_Polanoiders (Paris, FR)

rise up.

manu63 (Bologna, IT)

Lashes (Paris, FR)

loulou (Paris, FR)

laidt (London, GB)

missfourche (Bordeaux, FR)

franci (Milan, IT)

abstract_patrick (New York, US)

please see above description for "patrick winfield".

stormy (Connecticut, US)

rivet (Pasadena, US)

polagem (Nottingham, GB)

Stefano (, )

Gotnc (Paris, FR)

eternalsunshine (Lincoln, GB)

mathieu (Bordeaux, FR)

shellygrrl (Maine, US)

Meg (???, US)

wish (Civitanova marche, IT)

CDR (Cornwall, GB)

cdr and i seem to have similar tastes in what and who we like on polanoid. often times, i'm about to leave a comment on someone's photo and scroll down to find that cdr already said pretty much what i wanted to say. aside from that, he's an amazing shooter that just seems to make expired film bow to him. a shame it took me this long to add him as a friend.

Reindeer (, )

Hollis (Nashville, US)

Cordless_Corey (Portland, ME, US)

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

how it took me this long to add her as a friend is far beyond me. her eye is magic.

Kantine (Sankt Gallen, CH)

instant respect for his project winning shot "zombie".

Eric (Paris, FR)

Jetsetter23 (Malibu, US)

audret (Montpellier, FR)

nigeljonze (Los Angeles, US)

Mrlavinyl (Madrid, ES)

m_delano (., US)

noidmeister (Wien, AT)