macs (, )

onepaladin (Honolulu, US)

Great pic manipulator a real artist!
(thank you 4 taking me as a friend)

Shlomo.Ben.Jussuf (Berlin, DE)

He's great!

Norah.Goldenbogen (, )

She's Super Norah!

elinor (???, US)

so beautiful images...

themonkeyking (Dahab, EG)

Davvero un gentiluomo!...

franck (Paris, FR)

He made great creatures!

Mauricio_Arana (Bogota, CO)

Trabajos cheverisimos!!!

SETTIMO (Padova, IT)

Nice polas !

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

My new Polafriend!

pinkiestyle (Columbus, OH, US)

Girl with lovely pinkiestyle!!!

Siho (Gamagori, JP)

The Bigest Ambassador of polanoiders in Japan!
my dear new friend...

betzalel (Reggio Emilia, IT)

Una sorpresa accanto ad un altra........

ashveenp (Paris, FR)

... Not just the king of still-life!

robertpadilla (Chicago, US)

A new pal from El Paso!

photomass (?, )

New friend from London!...*

paula_elaine (St. Peter, US)

She is fantastic!

tuberoller (Chicago, US)

Awesome images!
A real discovery...

Jakob.Salomon (Muenchen, DE)

J a c o b ...
itīs a pleasure to vocalisees
your name.

edetienne (Ch, CH)

really good with portraits!

BAGABAR (Kansas City, US)

Lovely signs from Kansas!!!

luxpol (Verona, IT)

Cara vicina luxpol!

daaams (***, )

what an exelent couple!

Herman (Delden, NL)

My new polafriend! *

JayOlieEspy (San Jose, US)

Welcome! polafriend to You as well!

MarcoBruni (Arezzo, IT)

Dal Italy con amore!

sxyblkmn (Jackson, US)

great buddy!

Urizen (Berlin, DE)

Chek out this awesome guy here!...

lo-fi (Taipei, TW)

I loooove his images....*

benrains (, )

Big jarai! it's good to have You here!

GreenVelvet (Milpitas, US)

GreenVelvet arrived in our hearts!...

morganx99 (Madrid, ES)

An intelligent pictures! he is adorable, goes with the flow!

KimvanGroos (Glendale, CA, US)

Very kind & good looking! her intimate pics.

Kat.White (Sydney, AU)

Miss White, kind polafriend from Sidney!

toonymcgrough (Whittington, GB)

Great toonymcgrough!!!!
Really great!

Fede (Varese, IT)

Welcome Fede!

colin (London, GB)

...awesome images...

kassellmail (Goeteborg, SE)

A new revelation!
Great perspect...!!!

tonkatsu76 (Nagasaki, JP)

I'm happy to be Your polafriend!

hasp22 (Treviso, IT)

Ciao vicino!

maxime (75011, FR)

Hello maxime!

matman (Goeteborg, SE)

Here's cipollino!

Yammi Smolka (Wien, AT) new wonderful polafriend!
great vision...!!!

Peter (Limerick, IE)

Welcome Peter my new friend from Limerick!!!

CecileA (Thonon-les-Bains, FR)

Lovely varying subjects and wide range of styles.

lets_explode (California, US)

This sisters rock!

kevinkay (New York City, US)

Hello there! (Kobenhavn, DK)

...a new polafriendship blossom!!!

sapata (Sao Paulo, BR)

Let's be pola-friends!!!!

Rio (Berlin, DE)

lovely new friend!

pauline (Bordeaux, FR)

A new polafriend!

tomL (London, GB)

Fresh new polas!
great to have You as a Polafriend!

QundL (Paris, FR)


InstantPrime8 (London, GB)

Lovely new friend!

warno (Gijon, ES)

ciao warno!!! great pictures! I loved what I saw!

joel (Bierges, BE)

He is the one and only !!!

tigalita (Berlin, DE)

I love the way she shoot polas... there are so exquisite.... so intimate and ellegant like the way she is...

aiaoe (New York City, US)

A new friend !

klingsor (Udine, IT)

very lovely pinholes!

patrick_winfield (, )

Many wonderful pictures, beautiful images to see!

martin.isaac (London, GB)

A pleasure to have U on my list!

soapy_lux (Brisbane, AU)

! My new polahh friend !!!

sucre.candy (Brussel, BE)

great couple!

POLA665 (Paris, FR)

wonderful film...beautiful pictures!

Stefano (, )

New friend to discover!!!

inkaust (Krakow, PL)

Great to have U on my polafriend list!

ABC (, )

Great images!

Skieve (75010, FR)

my good friend!
beautiful polas!

calicant (Ferrara, IT)

good friend!
lovely work!

Matthew Kern (New York City, US)

he has a exquisite work there!
planty of creativity by his side!

matteogirola (Milano, IT)


orezemit (Roswell, US)

extraordinary pictures! great work!

stecco333 (Firenze, IT)

ritrovarsi in serena amicizia e' bello!...

: )

sgarciaDev (Santa Monica, CA, US)


tweek (Ceska Lipa, CZ)

and welcome to my pola list of amigos!

frugorfoto (Boston, US)

She is a sweet heart! and she make the most incredible polas on earth!

tonimarie (Odessa, NE, US)

My new lovely polafriend from Odessa!

insousciance (Paris, FR)

My new friend from Paris!
gorgeous polas!

joster (Countryside, SE)

Has special way to look and live open spaces..!

ciarco79 (All over the world, IT)

I like him because he want to be all over the world!!!

LiA (Wien, AT)

splendid girl!

cmammano (New Orleans, US)

take a look to see closer New Orleans and his great block!!!!!

alex82 (Firenze, IT)

Ciao Alex!

lhirondelle (Hanoi, VN)

He is irresistible!....

LEjovik (Baltimore, US)

I like her nickname, and her creativity!

crepuscular (London, GB)

My Dear friend..