LiA (Wien, AT)

An intelligent and beautifully sensitive photographer/artist who wears her heart on her sleeve. Is someone who speaks her mind and is a prolific worker.

silvana (***, )

Have just started to talk to silvana, and find both her and her work, intelligent, eclectic and beautiful. Genuinely inquisitive and looking for information, new ideas. Goes with the flow.

motel (Basel, CH)

Makes some reassuringly quirky and challenging imagery which I take delight in. Conceptually intriguing.

pauline (Bordeaux, FR)

Don't really know her yet but she befriended me and I liked that! Hello Pauline.

missingshow (Cardiff, GB)

A very good photographer who understands the value of vantage point and colour. Also enjoy an emotioinal resonance in her work.

the_world_is_yours (Madrid, ES)

An obvious up and coming talent! You should definitely view his film work too - it reveals a genuine talent of someone with their hand on the pulse of society. Watch this man!

joel (Bierges, BE)

Interested in some of the same artists as me I think, and good to talk to.

macs (, )

Is not only an excellent photographer, but also has an enviable tie with Silvana. How lucky can you get!? Talent and beauty in your life!!

centecente (Cremona, IT)

An artist who readily acknowledges the debt we all have to art history and contemporary practitioners. Versatile and creative in his polaroid work - I wonder if he shoots on other formats or paints or draws etc?

Hugh Whitaker (, )

A man whose work, like his country, is often shrouded in mystery. A knowledgeable photographer.

warno (Gijon, ES)

Makes some very interesting work. Check out his use of poli and the night-time work on his flikr site

blakbirdpye (Silverlake, CA, US)

Intelligent, sensitive and a person with a big heart. Makes some interesting images on American culture.