Urizen (Berlin, DE)

very cool roids with a chemical type abstract look that I really like!

LiA (Wien, AT)

she makes"less is more" so amazing and beautiful!!

spitocco (, )

out of the box! super great experimenting.

moonalisa (Angouleme, FR)

nice self portraits and a wide range of nice artwork!

stOOpidgErL (Detroit, US)

All kinds of cool work! you never know what might happen next!

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

Really amazing work with people and self-portraits!

artpunk (Melbourne, AU)

All the cool adjectives you can think of for this guy!

lhirondelle (Hanoi, VN)

Amazing fashion work and incredible travel photos too!

jillog (Washington DC, US)

a true creative spirit and cool person ;)

nel (Ludwigsburg, DE)

I've been inspired by her great self portraits. She really captures some amazing feelings in her images.

David_S (Glasgow, GB)

Really diverse and interesting! I'm curious to see what will come next.

tigalita (Berlin, DE)

a very sweet friend

Esther.Z.Schnickenacke (Muenchen, DE)

Always keeps me guessing.....In a good way... :)

Norah.Goldenbogen (, )

FILIPPO (Viterbo, IT)

lunamaria (Miami, US)

bluecitrusart (Los Angeles, US)

Oasis in the desert.

silvana (***, )

Rockmenow48 (Lansing, MI, US)

Young and creative!

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

One cool Dude!

birdclaws (Baltimore, US)

Always seeing and working for more cool shots!

matman (Goeteborg, SE)

k_tenmiller (Pittsburgh, US)

Very active and pushes herself to create and always be open to the possibilities.

emilie79 (Paris, FR)


patrick_winfield (, )

Really like his work and look forward to exchanging more ideas.

jmgcg (Lisboa, PT)

Linaki (Paris, FR)

Ms.V (, )

KimvanGroos (Glendale, CA, US)

Reyo (Paris, FR)

yaniv_w (Yerushalayim, IL)

demoforest (Albuquerque, US)

Kat.White (Sydney, AU)

drewbaker (Los Angeles, US)

LEjovik (Baltimore, US)

cazzie (Cambridge, GB)

simplicissimus (Wien, AT)

edulterado (Barcelona, ES)

shyatt3 (Charleston, US)

POLA665 (Paris, FR)

lets_explode (California, US)

PheebsYeahBaby (Adelaide, )

colie (Orlando, US)

somewhair (Brussel, BE)

Pistachio (Clarksville, US)

milkysoldier (Paris, FR)

internitsch (Wiesbaden, DE)

liliroze (Paris, FR)

vertigomoon (***, JP)

callaveron (Aachen, DE)

C5 (Aix en Provence, FR)

Lajos Gombos (Budapest, HU)

merge (Portland, OR, US)

agaschinka (Berlin, DE)