primenumber (Kansas City, US)

Go see his photographs. Now.

colourspace (Warwick, GB)

Yay, and her feller sure has taste too!

jillog (Washington DC, US)

Jill certainly has that OG flavour

Fortuna (Girona, ES)

Some cool pictures from back in the days..........

LiA (Wien, AT)

The queen of Polanoid. Wicked pictures and looks handy with a knife.

makray (Nottingham, GB)

Forget about "adicolour", this gooner's made an "adiroid".

HangUpInvalids (San Francisco, US)

One cool motherfucker

Bri (Chicago, US)

In my day old women on the bus would describe us as "halfcast". I prefer Bri's term "ethnic hybrid"

And likes BOTH kittens and puppies you say?

Annie (Bradford, GB)

Just the right side of random

curiousme (London, GB)

I love mysterious cityscapes. It it therefore a surprise I've put a link in?

ColorblindArtistWhoCantDraw (Roanoke, US)

Nice hat, nice pictures, top bloke.

morganx99 (Madrid, ES)

Honorary gooner for a day. That rates highly in my book.

boa (New York, US)

I need to start referring to him as Rocky.

sealette (Edinburgh, GB)

Recognises the Thierry love, although I doubt I'll be able to convince he of the greatness of Perry Grooves and Gilles Grimandi.

ShaunaBallistic (Portland, OR, US)

Has teh kitten love and, from what I can tell, good hair.
These two things rate hightly in my world.

TommyP (Ipswich, GB)

Wait 23 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose605 (Madrid, ES)

Some extraordinary shots of things that must look really ordinary.

ny-records (Tokyo, JP)

Come on, anyone with pictures of trainers on their profile gets on my list!

ulf (Austin, US)

One day, I might actually have a conversation about photos with ulf.....

nah, maybe not then.

polanoidswap (Hua Hin, TH)

Kat.White (Sydney, AU)

Eclectic, yet with a certain style.

Also, gets my vote for having shots of happy people. (South Pole, AQ)

_magenta_ (Bologna, IT)

Meg (???, US)