viki_hae (London, GB)

amazing, lovely, beautiful, and a great photographer by the way

timide_ch (Villmergen, CH)

wow < bowow < babs, the superlative, the non plus ultra, i love her work!

alex geng (Stuttgart, DE)

the australian dundee i've never met, but anyway.... yeah!

Felixxx (Hamburg, DE)

so cute......! the guy with the phantasies, which make my day

DanielMitD (Zuerich, CH)

good clothing, nice charma, great plans.... someone to count on

pauleta (Feldkirch, AT)

love that guy!!!!! drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

aelstn (Hamburg, DE)

the girl from nowhere going anyway, denkstn?

Rio (Berlin, DE)

someone from hamburg, coming from berlin, going to..... ähm... good boy :)

livi (Jenbach, AT)

the girl from tirol, radio-star and unsharpened polaroids, but that doesnt matter ;)

butow (Bremen, DE)

an idol. great photographer... amazing experiments.... always a pleasure and so often an inspiration for myself.