My.Iowa (., US)

She was made for polaroids and polaroids were made for her!

drewbaker (Los Angeles, US)

I am not worthy... but I want to keep an eye on what this guy puts up!

Laurenphoto (Philadelphia, US)

Some of the most incredible landscapes I ever did see. They're Holgaroids, but this doesn't even begin to explain them.

paul_a_royd (Milano, IT)

A master of multiples - I look at his work and think - "I want to do that!"

cicos (Tokyo, JP)

a_p_verity (Lincoln, GB)

valrizzo (Brooklyn, US)

I think I know you from somewhere.

amuderick (Philadelphia, US)

very good advice - thank you muchly!

themagicbus (***, )

clearly having a good time

dreamscapes (St. Petersburg, US)

quietdear (???, US)

Quietly sublime. Quite beautiful.