HyppoliteAlaska (, )

cool little girl, she welcomed me in there....

Lashes (Paris, FR)

nice nice nice girl, we'll have to meet someday.

goddamnanalog (Santa Fe, US)

A man who's so nice has to be one of your friends.

antouane (, )

This man has THE eye.

Chatou (Paris, FR)

cute little blond boy.


ooooooooh yeah

chrisdeblock (Antwerpen, BE)

spaghettis. rock'n'roll.

Amandine (Boulogne, FR)

parisian ? friend of mine ?

liliroze (Paris, FR)

waow, waow, waow, waow

zveliakine (***, FR)

papa, papy, comme vous voulez, de toute facons, c'est le meilleur de nous tous.

plaidjack (Brooklyn, NY, US)

hi hi hi hi hi hello mister.

poutou (Paris, FR)

you, naked in a corn field, ok.

milkysoldier (Paris, FR)

Hummm. experimental. yes. why not ?
Have to meet.
Not ?

swkitt (Toulouse, FR)

because i think he likes people who wear invisible clothes too.

Stefano (, )

if you never seen him, you seen nothing.

Gotnc (Paris, FR)

children's games. nostalgie, en francais dans le texte. voir, et revoir encore.

xeal (75012, FR)

Wonderfullest view camera shots in there...
A so nice mood in every shot, so great.

Gulli (Paris, FR)

May i have all the parisians in my friends list.....,

battavia (Paris, FR)

I was 3 years old, he was shooting the piX i'm commenting on right now...Haha...
How can't he be my friend...?

booombooom (Hellemmes, FR)

King of the expiration effect...

Peau (75020, FR)


manwinmodesty (Stockholm, SE)

Cutie, nice and kind + beautifull polas, a must see in there...

Rio (Berlin, DE)

Hello, boy....

Reindeer (, )


kevinkay (New York City, US)

Nice to meet you, mister.

emilie79 (Paris, FR)

For the 669 admiration...

CecileA (Thonon-les-Bains, FR)

To many nice comments, has to be my friend...

coso (Este, IT)

He is, just, waow, incredible.

Joakim (Montpellier, FR)

Mrlavinyl (Madrid, ES)

christie (Austin, US)

markpattenden (London, GB)

stephe (Montreal, CA)

julez (Karlsruhe, DE)

bp (Palermo, IT)

louelise (Grenoble, FR)

nothing (75004, FR)

Too many things to say about nothing.

Anton (Lyon, FR)

lilhaga (Marseille, FR)

Elia (***, FR)

Hi there..