uslan (London, GB)

"is it the shoes? it's gotta be the shoes!"

doublespeak (Tampa, US)

"stylin' in the west-central-Florida 'hood."

bluecitrusart (Los Angeles, US)

"frosty glass of orange juice? check. junk food t-shirt? check. automatic 100 land camera? check. geosynchronous orbit around southern california? check. ok, she's a go."

lunamaria (Miami, US)

"do not embrace the sx-70 sears special. BE the sx-70 sears special."

polanoidswap (Hua Hin, TH)

"i am you, and you are me."

pinkiestyle (Columbus, OH, US)

"a survivor times two...'nuff said"

prozachew (???, )

"this was the part when I ran out of words for a witty description (she was gonna be a contending famous somebody)."

k_tenmiller (Pittsburgh, US)

"has andy jacksons for lunch."

drewbaker (Los Angeles, US)

"nobody walks in L.A."