petere (Tyresö, SE)

seems to live a beautiful life and takes beautiful pictures of it. also says very nice things...thanks

SteveTilbury (London, GB)

Just read my previous comments on mr tilbury and thought it was the most pretentious lot of shite I'd read in ages so deleted it and will come back when I've got something better to say. He's good, though...

lilhaga (Marseille, FR)

queen of the holgaroid, and an artist.

Kuroneko (Tokyo, JP)

INSPIRATIONAL...master of 665

rodeo (London, GB)

i have no words..."these days, we're landlubbers" makes me cry »link

Mikehoban (Brighton, GB)

is simply a very, very good photographer... check out his black and white 600s, genius!

mboxley (London, GB)

my tip for big things in fashion, and she's called martha which is cool anyway...

Lajos Gombos (Budapest, HU)

kicks ass with a Horseman, and his PolaVorites are very well chosen, too.

dmk (Santa Fe, US)

recently uploaded a set of type 55s that set a new standard on polanoid but has been a bit quiet lately. i think he's sitting on some VERY nice stuff...

LiA (Wien, AT)

beautiful pictures, and we thank you for all your work but i WILL steal your muse given half a chance...

dkwhy (Reykjavik, IS)

'cos he's my friend, and if he ever posts anything it's gonna be great!!

Wezzoribrezzo (Reggio Emilia, IT)

i don't usually like manipulated SX70s but for him i make an exception...also seems like a lovely man who would make great pasta!

dsaccidental (Buffalo, US)

just takes really good, honest polaroids

maplesyruponly (Chicago, US)

ok, it's the best name on polanoid and i'd love to know why but also her pictures are beautiful...

philliproberts (Barry, GB)

has taken some of my all time favourite polaroids, and is a REAL photographer, uses a darkroom and everything!

philippebourgoin (Paris, FR)

how can you not have him as a friend- he's so friendly, and a bit naughty. takes a good polaroid, too...

mattjudas (Levanto, IT)

inspirational man, says nice things, and i LOVE his pinhole landscapes.

quietdear (???, US)

lives in a world of beautiful light, and probably believes in fairies...i would if i lived there.

emilie79 (Paris, FR)

very nice pictures, ever so french...makes me want to drink pastis with a gauloises hanging out of my mouth...

iso50 (Truro, GB)

beautiful colours, gorgeous light and PERFECT framing. fruit cocktail for the eyes, always uplifting...

Reyo (Paris, FR)

this man does amazing things with SX70, i think it's alchemy...

WoMoW (Padova, IT)

takes GREAT pictures, has the best-looking dog ever, and makes toys do weird stuff...brilliant.

orezemit (Roswell, US)

a wonderfully eclectic gallery, beautiful SX-70s

marlene (Autobahn nach C, AT)

her mocking smile says it all...

polatina (Muenchen, DE)

because she does amazing things with the SX-70.

zveliakine (***, FR)

Prolific doesn't begin to describe it, and then there's the quality. The pictures from the set of his TV series look like paintings-beautiful. I want to be French just so I can watch it.

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

Because he's just seriously, very, very good, go have a look...

john_gee (Nevada, US)

a great archive of old Polaroids, still experimenting, and just seems like a lovely man...