JATES (Minneapolis, US)

jates is a man who knows the ways of the world.

louobedlam (Los Feliz, CA, US)

lou is a master of the art of polaroid portraiture. and he blows through film like none other.

LiA (Wien, AT)

lia has some of the best images on all of polanoid. no joke.

bluecharlotte (Minneapolis, US)

oh my, just believe me when i say her generosity as well as her microcam know no bounds.

connorfdoyle (Minneapolis, US)

mr. connor f doyle is able to see things most humans are unable to.

polkadots (Paris, FR)

if you haven't seen their gallery, go there right now and look at all of their 'roids. you will not be disappointed.

tubes (Minneapolis, US)

sean tubridy. artist extrordinaire, sx-70 guru.

gracie (Minneapolis, US)

you wouldn't believe me if i told you.

theconduit (Minneapolis, US)

drewbaker (Los Angeles, US)

wow. that's all i have to say, and that's all that needs to be said.

bluecitrusart (Los Angeles, US)

take a walk through her polaroid fields. i'm sure you'll find something that tickles yr fancy. everything there looks so good, doesn't it? yeah, i think so too.

Kat.White (Sydney, AU)

abominadorable (Paris, FR)


just wait and see where INFINITY takes you...