roweun (Porto, PT)

Cristina is a great artist and friend!
I showed her the amazing world of Polanoid while getting myself into new paths.
We met from time to time at Flickr, Msn but this is a house of friends.

WebMeister (Wien, AT)

he used to be my I don't know...
I still think of him as by bruder

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

Sister, friend...a wonderful person. A big Artist.

bergantim (Porto, PT)

adnan (Amsterdam, NL)

Adnan's is a versatile visual artist. He and Cristina make a hell of a duo!

satanic57 (London, GB)

Jeff or Lucy is a sort of nephew I have, since he's an immaculate conception of my sistah Carmen!
As far as I understand he's now a real photographer!
I love his photos!

bonnie (Ann Arbor, US)

Bonnie is one amazing photographer and a Master of Polaroid Transfer.
I miss her very much and I want to add her to my list of friends

janelle (Brooklyn, US)

manwinmodesty (Stockholm, SE)

I like the aesthetics she uses in her photos.