hologramme (Marseille, FR)

awsome portraits, simply beautiful work-

bonnie (Ann Arbor, US)

nicole (Basel, CH)

perfect balance of sef questioning art

lhirondelle (Hanoi, VN)

wow-amazing body of work

MarcoBruni (Arezzo, IT)

magnificent work----my hope for transfers of my own

tam-tam (Muenchen, DE)

bluecitrusart (Los Angeles, US)

AmyNugent (Vancouver, CA)

Rockmenow48 (Lansing, MI, US)

anyone obsessed with finding love and polaroids is on my list

polaspin (Udine, IT)

absolutely beautiful work of the deepest psychological nature----------wow

thom.trauner (Scharnstein, AT)

awsome polaroider---------even more so as a painter