Rockmenow48 (Lansing, MI, US)

She's intensely Pola-sexy, she's got a great eye, and ducks love her.

louobedlam (Los Feliz, CA, US)

This is the guy who reminded me how good a Polaroid portrait can look.

Chatou (Paris, FR)

Sexy Spectra.

sixblueten (San Francisco, US)

Added him because of a photo of his fridge I once saw, and because in a news item he called us all motherfuckers. I like a general declaration of "Motherfuckers!" Gets my blood going.

d.dillenseger (75003, FR)

Brutal portraiture that makes me a bit light-headed... That's a good thing, right?

Uri.Ben.Estelleciento (Willemstad, AN)

By chance, I found that batch of pinhole shots of old photos, and I was hooked.

polkadots (Paris, FR)

My girlfriend said, "Have you seen Polkadots?" I said, "I haven't." She said, "She's terrific!" and very shortly after, I found out she was right.

liaeme (***, FR)

Everything is just a bit off-kilter. I like that.

bluecharlotte (Minneapolis, US)

All it took was a little conversation...

jenellenorris (St. Paul, US)

Color experiments and explanations: YES.

orezemit (Roswell, US)

I blame the 660 and the Georgia summer.

reddude945 (New York City, US)

Hey, Boston, yeah!

tonkatsu76 (Nagasaki, JP)

I, too, like sex, drugs, & rock'n'roll.