LiA (Wien, AT)

amazing and emotional photographer... i really just love every piece of work that is coming out of the visions of lia...

spitocco (, )

amazing polas of alive and energised flowers... with combinations of forms of branches and colours.... also overlaping ove images is amazing in his technique...

lhirondelle (Hanoi, VN)

amazing and beautiful works that reach so much depth ... such amazing works!

lo-fi (Taipei, TW)

amazing photographer so experimental and beautiful pieces of black and white to colour that i have never seen so beautiful..

aurelienD (Paris, FR)

amazing experimental artist.. really captures such great polaroids .. his manipulations compliment the polaroids taken.. great works ..

stEVE (Edinburgh, GB)

is he from Liverpool or Scotland? ;) heehe

crazy polaroid manipulationsnad my opinion propack 88 film expert.. Love those polaroids!! :D

and London pola party starter ;) hehe
go visit his page :D

lorseau (Frankfurt, DE)

a great polarist.. so much colour and individuality!
especialy for the life like masks ..
beautful and personality pieces
must for a look ..

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

beautiful and true in the works of carmendevos ... there is something about her works that make me want to look more .. they are real and true, but have dreamy effect and the occasional mermaide ;)

ChristopherJY (New York, US)

amazing and beautiful colourful landscap fuli polars..
the colour is so yummee..
it is real.. it is life and the way people live in a different part of the world..
with so much culture through his polar's for the colour that i see..
they are amazing..

sixblueten (San Francisco, US)

such eautiful and yummy coloured shots..
the more deeper you look into his captures the more you feel you want to jump into his polars..
amazing works of difference of unity to distance, architecture and his beautiful portraits of important people in his life.. visit for his wonderful journies..

nking (Columbus, US)

nking is a wonderous..
and hasa pinhold camera which he made from a dryer vent and reflective mirror.. genious! visit his wonderous works ..

David_S (Glasgow, GB)

This wonderful person is always there to comment on my uplaoads each time :D

he has great polaroids from motion, to city and light a total mixture of flavours to find in his gallery :D

p.s he is going to be joining the 3D maddness ~ 3D GLASSES

uslan (London, GB)

true Urban photographer...

+ such a lovely person too.. he always manages to comment on my page :D hehee

julienb (***, FR)

A wonderful happy person and polaroider :D
also he has a 103 the same as me which tranform his work to somewhere else from land to SX70 to EE 33.. his range reflects to his polaroids..

dimitris (Athens, GR)

wonderful wonderful polaroids.. the light, the feeling of looking through such differeent areas is great!

going through the gallery of ksvks with such different polaroids become one all together and tell a story to me.. ..
great polaroids