demoforest (Albuquerque, US)

he's such a good sport! answering my questions for hours. you're a doll.

mrrcsmith (Oakland, US)

there is a magnetism about his photos that draws me in like none other. i wish he'd take my pic someday....and make me look really good of course haha

captaindan (Brighton, GB)

a very nice fellow from the UK. great photos --not to mention great taste in music and fashion haha

CDR (Cornwall, GB)

he's awesome -enough said

philippebourgoin (Paris, FR)

so so nice. not to mention THE MOST hardcore woman you will ever meet -hands down.

LEjovik (Baltimore, US)

awesome awesome awesome

edulterado (Barcelona, ES)

wonderful polas. can't get enough of them

spitocco (, )

too cool for words. LOVE his work. keeps his secret far away from me haha.

arturo (Sevilla, ES)

cool as hell. go check out his

simplicissimus (Wien, AT)

very awesome style. i absolutely love it - a true artist

Reyo (Paris, FR)

you've got to see him to believe him.

vadim (Charleroi, BE)

very nice man. always has lovely things to say. i like him. so should you.

mikaelkennedy (New York City, US)

nice atmosphere to his polas. cool glasses. he's good in my book

kaylarenee (Texarkana, ar, US)

love this girl!!!

milkysoldier (Paris, FR)

queen of collage!! gotta love a girl with a creative mind like that

chrisdeblock (Antwerpen, BE)

LOVE her style. beautiful polas. beautiful person -always with something nice to say

sikost (Saint-Raphael, FR)

photographer of the scariest fucking series i've ever seen....a man after my own heart really haha and if you even think you could do scarier just to win my love, you'd be an arrogant prick

Shlomo.Ben.Jussuf (Berlin, DE)

the man's got a mind i can't compete with. bravo!

Antonius_Block (Nashville, US)

he's a talented MF for sure!


VERy talented man -and not just in the photo business!

Urizen (Berlin, DE)

awesome techniques, awesome colors, awesome go look at them :)

booombooom (Hellemmes, FR)

just go look at his work - promise you'll LOVE it as much as i do

aki (***, JP)

very delicate images. LOVE them

wish (Civitanova marche, IT)

great manipulations. great person.

audret (Montpellier, FR)

great natural vibe to her polas

Wezzoribrezzo (Reggio Emilia, IT)

we share a similar style. i dig that. ha.

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

LOVE this man's style.

alexxx (Niort, FR)

wonderful wonderful polas. check em out!!