2024-02-21 // 19:13:07

For many years I would swap packs of film with Polaroiders, in exchange for one of thier originals. Many were super generous and sent me more than one. I went through them all this week and thought it would be great to exhibit them, in a non selling show. There are some seriously cool images from seriously talented people. It's time to share the love. I will be writing to all of you that exchanged with me, hoping you will agree to the show, which I will fund / crowd fund myself. I have no idea how long it will take, but I suspect 12 months or more depending on the gallery availability here in Lewes UK (the star brewery gallery).
I have yet to work out the numbers, and which images to show but I hope to show every Pola in my collection, and certainly 1 from every photographer in the collection. It may be that there is room for more, and that being the case, I will invite submissions. It's going to be slow, complex and very exciting. Bare with me.

2023-12-28 // 23:43:18

Hi from Portugal
I have been a Polaroid shooter for a long time.
Its great to be on board , Cheers!

2023-10-19 // 15:03:52

Hey all! I hope everybody who reads this is doing well.

For those who recently wrote me to add various cameras and films to the list, delete accounts, any of it, I just wanted to say that I really don't have access to do those kinds of things anymore. Just so you all know.

cya around..
- Noah

2023-10-04 // 12:55:27

Thanks for SOTD, what a surprise! This site has always been an inspiration.

2023-09-11 // 02:25:45

Adding new Polaroids from the archive and from our farm!

2023-07-20 // 20:31:55

Thanks for the SOTD...some years later!

2023-06-01 // 21:29:42

Glad to be on the front page with the work that was a part of my entrance examination for art school. where I went on to become a master of fine arts, specialisation in photography.

reach for the stars,
cheers everybody!


2022-10-14 // 02:15:33

thanks for the sotd whoever is still on here! x

2022-10-10 // 21:21:00

So yeah.. sometimes something will be upload here

2022-05-21 // 05:16:06