2009-05-07 // 13:44:59

added a few new pix. it's been awhile...

2008-08-12 // 12:50:28

finally posted my book.


i'll be adding some new photos soon too!!!

2008-07-23 // 22:32:13

saw a comment about it before, but a few of us polanoiders are going to be in a show in new york.

click here for more details: »link

2008-05-23 // 14:21:06

added some new images.

as always, your comments (and votes, wink) are much appreciated.

2008-05-23 // 03:16:15

don't know if anyone has linked to this before, but here is a list of when the last batch of each film will expire::


2008-05-13 // 13:00:39

interesting polaroid article:


2008-04-29 // 14:03:01

dammit. this really felt like our last hope (at least for sheet film). i feel like my best friend is dying and there's nothing i can do about it.


i added a brand new image, btw. it's very appropriate for this recent development.

2008-04-08 // 13:35:26

i added another image.

as always, your comments and votes (*wink*) are appreciated!

2008-04-07 // 19:51:16

possible polaroid news?

2008-04-01 // 04:19:59

thanks to all who have commented and commented on my most recent images. i really appreciate it and will upload some more soon.

also, hello to all my new polanoid friends. keep up the great work, all.