2007-10-31 // 10:45:15

Hey hey,
Thank you all for supporting my strawberry feelings! feels really good***

2006-10-29 // 02:10:39

a bit too late, but:
Thank you all for voting my hairy chest!!!

2006-08-09 // 20:50:18

yes, it feels so good deleting some/many pics!

2006-08-02 // 22:45:44

Hey polanoiders! i didn´t tell you bullshit ´bout exhibition. IT REALLY WILL BE!!! a bit later than i thought and on another place... on 16th of september - düsseldorf/germany. everyone is cordially invited.

2006-07-10 // 01:26:23


2006-05-21 // 20:56:28

SotD!!! thaaaaaaaaanks to everyone, who voted and gave comments!!! now i am sure, that i can use it as my flyer! greetings

2006-05-16 // 23:15:38

hey people!! i want your opinion. next month i make a pola-exhibition and my new id-pic will be the flyer for this exhibition and "1 minute to..." the name of it. what do you think about it and who do you understand the title? it is my first exhibition and i´m not sure...
i´m very grateful for any opinion or statement!
thanks schenny

2006-04-28 // 20:25:41

hey polanoid people! i´m grateful for your votes and friendly comments about my legs!!! i appreciate it very much! now i have really celebrity legs :-) !!!

2006-04-22 // 18:25:26

sorry antoine, i was too late!

2006-04-18 // 11:48:20

ole ole!! thanks to everyone voting! :-)