2006-08-08 // 19:12:34

i'm selling my mamiya rb67 pro camera...comes with two backs...one for roll film the other for polaroid...camera is in perfect working order and clean of scratches or fungus...if you're interested please leave me a note in my guestbook and let me know...

2006-06-26 // 15:08:16

i need your help duders!
i finally got a ND filter for my sx-70:

1.) how do you put the damn thing together

2.) it looks to be a little small..isn't it supposed to fit right in there?

3.) seriously, i don't get it.

4.) help, please. i've got 6 packs of 600 film to use up and i'm starting to go thru withdrawl

5.) thanks, love bri.

2006-04-20 // 15:05:20

I turned 23 today!