2009-02-22 // 09:24:06


ich habe 6 Polaroid Image Filme zu verschenken (+ Versandkosten)
Format 10,2 x 10,2 cm (passt daher nicht in eine SX-70).

Haltbarkeitsdatum 2001 bzw. 2002 abgelaufen, sonst scheint mit denen aber alles OK zu sein.

Interessenten können sich gerne über meine Maildresse pit.ka@aq-4.de bei mir melden.


2008-08-11 // 00:58:28

thanks to all the nice girls and guys whose votes turned my 30 years old pola into a SoD »link
unfortunately there are only a few vintage polas left to be posted. but i will not close my collection without showing my actual identity captured on a brandnew pola


2008-06-18 // 23:17:29

Does anybody know a webspace for black&white pics, comparable to polanoid.net, where the community is as competent, well-meaning, congenial and friendly-minded ???

2008-04-04 // 22:42:50

If You really like to see something beautiful You have not seen before, comme on and visit LIA's webspave www.scattered-sea.com

2008-03-29 // 10:10:03

Retro friends are kindly invited to have a look at my 30 years old SX70 collection, which will still grow.

Everyone of You knows, the time passes, time changes, but Polaroids are stronger than memories, instant and spontaneously.

Thanks God for every beautiful Moment captured on a polaroid-picture.