2009-10-11 // 23:23:03

Yesss thanks. It is "comforting" to see you all once in a while. I love you

2008-11-03 // 15:36:49

I also want to thank everybody. I had a lot of fun... And I loved, as usual, when my loin is violated by Esther. And I think Paris is the place.

2007-05-21 // 14:29:01

Uri has just updated me about the stolen pics! wow! couldn,t believe it! Nevertheless I think the system for accepting a Xposed member is ok, but maybe wm should increase the number of "yes" a member has to receive to get into...
^ WM also thinks that the system is ok.
but he will do anything the whip of the mme will command him to do.


2007-05-18 // 13:38:17

I dont wanna be a reason for trouble...
^ cobarde


2007-05-18 // 13:05:37

Oh please I want to be #19 in the infinite project... Ok Mrs Carmen?? and maybe Uri could be number 20 haha this way we also save postal fees... I will handle him in my flat

2007-05-17 // 15:36:06

I forgot to say thanks to the jury... for considering my shot a runner up in the overexposed project... so THANKS!!! GRACIAS!

In spanish we have a saying that is ...es de bien nacidos ser agradecidos...

(im not able to translate that...
^ de nada

actually you were the definite winner for me.
but the mme blamed it on my homophile trait and said I'm not unbiased anymore since I sat next to you on the red couch.

(think she's just jealous - women, you know - pfffff!)


2007-05-13 // 02:28:27

Who is mme.Xposed!!!!??? Is it somekind of webmeisterin?? please god enlight us and tell the truth!! How did she brought back all the old comments of my xposed shot??? She is a magician...

2007-05-08 // 04:03:23

Discussion is on, and that means this website is alive. Great.

2007-05-08 // 01:12:26

I think some of news here are at leat unfair. My vote is completely personal and non transmissible. I vote the shots i like, the shots that really rock me. So I did. All the religious serie is fantastic. Not only because of the quality of the images but also because the meaning. I just love this way of seeing religious icons. Thats it. I vote what I like and dont vote what I dont like.

2006-12-18 // 06:04:53

non sleeping night... at least I have got up to date with polanoid!! Congrats to everybody, very good uploads!! go on go on