2015-04-23 // 21:41:35

Well, that was a great surprise!

Thank you all so much for the support!


2014-03-18 // 20:42:14

Wow! Thanks everybody for the votes, faves and comments! Glad you guys enjoyed this one!

2013-06-13 // 07:49:29

I don't order a lot of impossible film, so I have to ask... Is it normal to receive expired film from them?

2013-06-06 // 17:01:39

Thank you for the sotd! It always makes me feel good when such great photographers like my shots! :)

2013-03-29 // 16:27:57

This is also the 3rd time the site has crashed while nnini was on the cover. Very strange.

2013-02-07 // 20:25:43

i should just use a cooking rolling pin!

2013-02-06 // 23:33:32

Yeah, I saw the video of some guy using sheet metal press roller to process his film, but it was a lengthy process it seemed like.

Also, just throwing it out there if anybody has a calumet processor and extra 8x10 instant holders they are willing to sell, please please message me!!

2013-02-06 // 21:34:19

Is there a way to process the PQ 8x10 without the polaroid or calumet processor? I am picking up a pinhole 8x10 and have access to an amazing 8x10. But no processor.



2013-02-02 // 21:18:33

I guess it is true, polanoiders really do like foggy trees!

Thanks again everyone!


2013-01-31 // 22:57:57

thank you to those who enjoyed my photo and a GIANT thanks to those who voted for it to be sotd! :)