2012-06-04 // 19:45:02

Join / Mitmachen!
Polaroiders fundraising for Emilia

2011-12-31 // 15:14:14

guten rutsch into a bright, impossible future!

2010-08-25 // 21:54:09

Fujifilm's Instax mini50S Cheki as an Alternative to Polaroid. New feature: A small viewing screen 2.4″ x 1.8″ lets you preview your pictures

2010-08-04 // 11:22:59

Just took my first PX-70 shots, nice results, but got dirty fingers again. Welcome back, LLP...

2010-04-29 // 07:17:45

The "new" Polaroid 300 Instant Camera (89,99$) is the same as FUJIFILM Instant Camera - Instax Mini 7S (70,00$)...

2009-10-13 // 21:11:08

THE news already spreads around the world, halleluja!

Polaroid re-launch announced

600 film and Polaroid One, Two and Three incoming soon

13 October 2009 16:18 GMT / By Amy-Mae Elliott

Summit Global, the licensee of the Polaroid brand, has officially announced the world re-launch of Polaroid, with both instant photography products and digital offerings due to be re-available.

The new Polaroid will manufacture a range of instant film products like the Polaroid 600 instant film, and also re-introduce a range of instant cameras including the "Polaroid One".

A great success for the Impossible Project, campaigners who worked hard to see instant film back to realistic prices, it's thought this move will bring Polaroid to a whole new audience, as well as appease retro-photography fans.

In addition to film-based efforts, Polaroid will also work on ZINK tech with ZINK Imaging, a team-up last seen in the Polaroid POGO instant digital printer.

Along those lines, there are also plans to market the digital Polaroid "Two"and plans have been revealed to produce a Polaroid "Three" - an instant digital camera that produces 4-inch by 3-inch instant digital photos.

Source: »link

2008-11-12 // 21:58:17

Auch wenn´s manche von euch ablehnen und ärgert lade ich zwei ZINK Arbeiten von digitalisierten (wie alle Polas hier) Polaroids hoch. Soll einfach eine Anregung sein wie man seine Polas kreativ bearbeiten kann und im selben Medum bleibt. Übrigens: in Japan kommt am 28.Nov. eine Digicam mit integriertem ZINK (Polaroid PoGo) printer heraus: TOMY xiao TIP-521 digital camera.

2008-08-30 // 20:44:01

Hello polanoid ZINK artists,

zink.com has introduced the ZINK™ Art Gallery! Have a look at »link A limited amount of ZINK Paper™ is now available for free in an assortment of sizes. You may sign up to qualify to recieve a ZINK art kit including ZINK paper and submit your works.

2008-08-21 // 22:08:40

Jan et al., maybe you´re right that POLANOID isn´t the right place for my ZINK works - although analogue, they are no photos at all. But it was POLANOID who introduced ZINK paper to us polanoiders and had a project: Zink o lution. As unsaleable.com sells out-of-production cameras and films, why should it sell available Polaroid products (like POGO and ZINK). What amazes me with Polaroid instant photography is that every photo leaving the camera is an original piece, existing only once. With the manipulation possibilities of ZINK paper it is no longer a question of analogue or digital photo source. You can make an unique picture in one and the same media. Do polaroids lose their soul when they are scanned (and published on POLANOID)?

2008-08-20 // 20:51:41

uploaded 2 new drawings on ZINK paper. any other ZINK paper artists active?