2009-11-11 // 09:39:22

I am selling the EE100 and it works great, new batteries...sorry it's on ebay...I wish I would have known you were looking Automatik!

2009-10-08 // 15:03:46

for anyone who dreams of Japan or has lived in Japan check out this book
shameless self promotion...4 of my polas were published for the first time inside!

2008-12-29 // 13:16:27

Just published this book on www.blurb.com of my polaroid transfers
All the proceeds will go back to my hometown in Saskatchewan

Little Town on... By Colleen Leonard Book Preview

2008-06-09 // 11:03:55

just got my holga polaroid back woo hoo! and some choco80! Can someone more talented than me tell me what are the development times like for this film? and can I do transfers and lifts with it?