2008-05-31 // 21:17:45

I got something to show you....

2008-05-20 // 23:58:54

I always never write in there.
But i often read what is going on.
Why aren't you a good boy, who takes polaroids, upload them for the pleasure of eyes, and shut up as 80% of the people in there, for the pleasure of ears..?

2008-05-20 // 20:06:44


2008-05-19 // 23:39:13

Carmen, i want one too !
(and had Tweek on the phone, who wants one too !)
Zvevi, i agree with you. We need that function.

2008-05-16 // 23:45:53

Am i the only who has nothing to do on a friday evening.?

2008-05-03 // 14:37:58

hello there, i'm new in here...