2010-06-04 // 15:13:34

Edge Cut sold out already?! Ten minutes of crashing website then sold out...:(

2009-09-06 // 14:43:45

Polaroid project in the Observer »link

Anyone know if Polapremium are going to make ASA3000 b&w film like the 667?


2008-10-27 // 13:48:37

Anyone else finding that Polanoid is taking over their lives? In a good way...

2008-09-17 // 18:55:36

Just finished posting up all my photos from a recent holiday to Italy. Some surprises and some disappointments as usual. Let me know what you think. Thanks polanoiders.

2008-08-13 // 17:05:54

Check this out, lots of you will probably already know about it, i'm sure...


Interesting article about a guy who decided to take a Polaroid every day of his life but ended up developing a serious illness.