2007-08-29 // 08:52:22

am i nuts or is the same person winning shot of the day every other day with very similar photos... wasn't that the whole point of the sotd algorithm and such? i hate to even bring it up because i like the shots so much... but i'm just confused because i thought that wasn't possible... anyways...

2006-08-09 // 17:16:43

thanks people... nd filter for me :0)... chasing birds pays off again... cheers...

2006-08-04 // 15:53:11

hello kind people... i need an ND filter and i'm broke... here's a shot you might like... if you do, and only if you do, help a brotha out?


thanks... :)

2006-07-30 // 02:33:32

i wish i was a bird...

2006-06-16 // 12:50:07

lovely... i'll see ya around, kids... have fun...

2006-06-16 // 12:29:18

this community is way too small for democracy... democracy only works in mass numbers... cliques are natural, and if they happen in a small group, they can dominate... i think it's funny though how the people with many awards are getting so defensive over a system that rewards them, against obvious rational understanding that this system is flawed... it is... no two ways about it... it's a microcosm of the very thing that i'm sure most of you point fingers at in western countries as the evils of capitalism--in the USA the top 1% have more wealth than the bottom 99%... the system is flawed when the same people win all the time... not their fault... but it's just too typical for the people with many awards to defend their system tooth and nail... i assume that's what lia meant about bush being elected... there are many brilliant shots that go by completely unnoticed on this site... if this is a community, a system needs to be in place that promotes inclusion, not exclusion, and the current system does not... i know people who have been turned off to this site because of it, and i'm starting to feel that way myself... if lomo home of the day was the same person every other week, i wouldn't go to that site either... all the sotd winners deserve their awards because their shots are great... but, if we are going to say that only 365 shots win sotd every year, it's the height of arrogance to believe that a majority of those awards should go to the same 10 people every other day when the "competition" is not on a level playing field due to popularity... your shots are great, but they're not the only great shots produced by this community... a random computerized sotd selector would even be a better system than the one we have now... sorry, i hate to sound like a sour puss... but i thought this community was a lot more inviting before the voting system was in place... perhaps i'll take a little break until it's sorted itself out... thanks everyone...

2006-06-16 // 08:09:46

this all just proves one thing... democracy doesn't work... haha... time for us all to reread Lord of the Flies... ;)

2006-06-15 // 20:06:15

i agree that this site jumped the shark when it went to voting system for sotd... not that the winners aren't brilliant shots, but i dare say that when you get 400 views of your shot and get 12 votes, you shouldn't get the award over someone with 100 views of their shot and 8 votes... sorry, but that is a flaw in the system that awards people for their popularity, not their photography... but i love you all, and i did laugh at the ironic jews and their madonna and child photos... for two days... not gonna be that funny tomorrow though... haha... ;-)

2006-06-12 // 18:37:22

i got a new shot up... i like it a lot... it got 32 views, 2 votes, and now it's gone... how do some people get 200 views of their images? i don't understand... i'm campaigning for your votes this time around... i have about 40 shots to scan and upload, and no offense to the 32 people who clicked on my latest image, but what's the point? haha... i need some motivation or i might just start getting stoned and slacking again... this is not a threat... ok, yes it is... :p

2006-05-19 // 08:39:14

so are you saying that polanoid jumped the shark when they started letting us vote? poor lia, this only happens when she wins... haha... bottom line, it's a great photo... and keep in mind that this is coming from someone who hasn't gotten a vote in like a month even though i uploaded like 50 shots... ehem... :-D