2014-01-03 // 10:21:04

So nice to see my picture on the front page today, thanks everyone who voted and commented. Wish you all a happy new year with a lot of creativity, happiness, health and love.

2013-10-23 // 23:01:00

Going to Prauge tomorrow, any polanoiders there? Beer, coffie, polaroid walk?

2013-08-23 // 17:55:00

We are all three very happy to be on the frontpage today. Thanks alot everone who voted for it and everyone else also :)

2013-03-27 // 18:53:09

Waking up on the houseboat in Amsterdam with a shot of the Day is never wrong. Thanks alot pola People for your votes and comments :)

2013-01-17 // 14:26:34

Thanks alot for letting me be on the frontpage today. Im very happy. Ive havnt been here for about a year but are happy to be back. Some old fellows and some new once. Happy to see your work again :) Keep up the art!

2012-12-13 // 17:28:06

I have 2 8x10 processors that Im willing to swap with film or sell. They work perfectly and Im used them both. Drop me a mail if you are interested. Keep up the art.

2012-11-07 // 23:24:11

Now my Polaroid book "Steps on snow, dust on the lips" is availble for purchase. Contact me if you are interested in buying it.
The price of the book is 285SEK + freight

More info on my page:

And thanks to the people here who already bought it :)

2012-06-10 // 22:49:07

What about the 8x10" film, its released?

2012-04-20 // 20:56:14

Just a little check! I have 28 package of F2B films. Drop me an message and offer if you interested. Could also swap to sx-70 orginal or 665 or maybe something else.

Keep up the art!

2012-03-28 // 16:30:06

Thanks again polanoiders, I was very happy this morning to see this foggy picture on the frontpage... THANKS.... :)