2010-04-03 // 18:49:44

More London shots to come and some polas with the new PX film as well!

2010-03-07 // 18:57:54

I can't believe I'm finalist in blur magazine contest!
Vote your favourite polas at


2009-12-30 // 18:10:16

Maybe your friend was talkin' about Instant 30, in that case I have one and it eats type 100 film and 80 as well.

2009-06-02 // 11:57:26

Hi everybody! I've just bought 100 ID-UV films for 70 euros...was it a good price?I hope they'r gonna work..

2009-01-14 // 19:02:30

Hya! I'm havin' a problem with my SX-70...in my last three shots there's a white stripe in the image...it seems developer didn't spread correctly...I checked the rollers and they were clean...anybody knows a solution to this issue?!Is there any?!?!?!Ta!

2008-12-20 // 20:53:00

Just tried with 600 film in SX-70...Indoor shots have a strange yellowish hue and outdoors are a bit overexposed...Next time I'll try with a polarizer filter in front of the lens...

2008-12-08 // 20:16:55

Just Arrived my perfectly working SX-70!I used some expired SX-70 film found for free in my city's shop....though it was expired only in 2004 it should have been stored in crappy conditions because only a few part of each film developed....I now post the results!Despite this fact I' m very happy of my impulse buy...hoping it will satisfy me:-)...as soon as I remove the electric eye's nd filter I'll put some 600 film and lets see...

2008-11-28 // 14:24:46

I've just bought my SX-70 on ebay!!!
I hope it will work...:-) I'll post the results...