2008-06-25 // 02:26:40

i'm updated, somewhat.

2007-09-08 // 07:25:49

i need an update...

2007-06-16 // 15:22:46

@ 1:57 and 2:00 »link

2007-04-28 // 03:45:57

hell yeah...william & jim are back!

2007-04-05 // 03:38:02

it has been 3 weeks since i re-joined the 'rat race.' no new work, yet. however, been enjoying:
(1) the 'sabattier effect' project by polkadots »link
(2) the holiday 1989 retro offerings of Btisa »link
(3) the various pics of peekaboo »link
plus, thanks to drew for the add-a-friend honor »link

2007-03-11 // 20:59:54

quote of note:
“But up to the end of the 19th century, the importance of art was usually bound up with its role as public discourse. Without that role, there would have been no avant-garde, because if art doesn’t employ values, then it can’t act as a conscience. And the basic project of art is always to make the world whole and comprehensible, to restore it to us in all its glory and its occasional nastiness, not through argument, but through feeling. And then to close the gap between you and everything that is not you, and in this way, to pass from feeling to meaning.” –Robert Hughes, The Shock of the New, The Future That Was, Episode 8.

2007-03-09 // 17:49:42

regarding someone's mention that "i'm the best Polaroid taker on this website!" ... i thought that honor went to our friend DOGFIGHTER »link
the old man has not been around lately, but he is missed. who can forget such classics as:
1. "None of you are as beautiful, or as talented, as I."
2. "Did you guys see this fresh pair of boobies?"
3. "Just wanted to remind everyone of WHAT A F***ING ABSOLUTELY PERFECT INDIVIDUAL I am. (in case you'd forgotten) You can, my little friends, worship my incredible photog skills at your leisure."
4. "Pffft. SHOT OF THE DECADE is my grandpa shot. I took it as a toddler, motherf***ers. I am a genius."
ah, good times.

2007-02-24 // 00:09:01

them's a lot of rubiks ... »link

2007-02-20 // 23:13:06

yellow banana of texas in geostationary orbit? quite possible.
site in english, italian, spanish, and french!

2007-02-16 // 17:10:18

quote of note: "if you're not in your studio physically most every day, you deny the possibility of anything happening." - susan rothenberg