2010-06-09 // 13:33:47

I actually haven't bought any Polaroid film for some time now, and now that my stocks have dwindled I am shooting Fuji. In fact, when I was shooting film professionally I always used Fuji for proofing because I preferred the colours. Anyway, I digress. TIP is a great notion, not yet realised. All those who were involved in the tests had a great opportunity to try these new films, and there are some stunningly beautiful results. Some people unknowingly bought film that was unsatisfactory, with varying degrees of success. I sympathise with you. Others, I'm sure, took a gamble knowing that the film was unstable and unpredictable. You should now stop moaning. I didn't buy any, but may do when the problems have been ironed out. Or maybe not.

Analogies? Well, if you bought a new car and it only worked sometimes you'd want your money back, wouldn't you? You'd want it to start every time and perform faultlessly, at least for a while. Maybe, but I bought a new iMac ten years ago which crashed and froze regularly, many times a day. They all did, and probably all PCs too. It drove me crazy so when it finally stopped working completely(just after the warranty ran out), you know what I did? Yep, that's right, I bought another one. Why? Because I really liked what it did when it worked.

2010-03-05 // 10:57:34

Grumpyeye here. OK, I'm not at my best in the morning and may delete this later after a cup of coffee. And it isn't a big deal but does anybody else find the phrase "Great capture!" a bit annoying? Doesn't it smack of those knobend geeks on flickr who took a mundane sunset with their Dixons digital then went stupid in Photoshop with curves and saturation, then added a full moon. The word capture was never used about a photograph before digital, and one of the things I love about polanoid is that I never see it here...until today. Sorry, Urizen, no offense intended

2010-03-04 // 23:15:20

TorySteller...good name, shame none of your pictures are Polaroids...»link

2010-02-23 // 10:39:07

wish is right »link spanking in order, I think. And I love Monsieurpaul's sarcasm, though i fear it may be wasted on one so stupid(I really hope this is sarcasm, or M. paul has temporarily lost his mind)

2010-01-04 // 00:38:43

And so generous to offer free postage!

2010-01-02 // 11:59:27

I've just woken up, grumpy as usual, and been made even more grumpy by Zekki's ridiculous comments on this picture »link
Is it just me or is this pathetic? I know it's an emotive subject but I think this is insulting to a photographer, and to a parent...

2009-10-29 // 12:41:08

Well done, what fun! You've inspired me. I'm making some drawings based on this footage with a view to building a similar factory at home. I hope to be knocking out 665 in a couple of weeks.

2009-10-24 // 15:28:27

OK, the hangover's gone but I'm still pissed off. The noider's lineup has officially become a joke. Apparently you no longer need to have either a camera or a person in the picture, just some flowers will do...
I'm withrawing from the project on principle.

2009-10-23 // 23:18:46

I'm with zveliakine on the noiders lineup. What's happened there, then? OK, it's nice to see everyone and their cameras but what about a separate project called "Yeah, I read the rules but completely ignored them", or "I had this knocking about and thought I'd bung it in even though it doesn't remotely fit the guidelines". Yes, I'm a grumpy bugger AND I have a hangover...

2009-10-22 // 11:39:22

Greetings... I just got some FP 3000B, and have seen the neg used on here quite a bit. Do I just scan it and fiddle around in photoshop? Wet or dry? Any tips? Anybody...? Also, has anyone used it in a BigShot? I heard you could shoot in bright sun without flash...