2014-08-01 // 21:20:54

after a very large gap away from this site, returned to see what was happening :)

2010-01-03 // 01:04:37

been a while :)

2008-01-03 // 01:17:36

wishing you all a very happy new year
take care all

2007-12-12 // 01:04:05

just want to aplogise to all for being a dick recently :)
trust me I feel suitably stupid and promise to go into rehab ;)

but before i do a huge congrats to Sarah for her SOTD - glasgow aint the same without her :D

2007-11-25 // 02:14:16

all I know is I use the Internet as another means to communicate with people - unlike others I do not create some ficticious personna - it is just me here - I am happy with who I am and have no need to create some online avatar. friends can be fikle however u meet them no better or worse for how you first make contact. i agree living only in a virtual world is a bad thing but as long as perspective is kept I find it a wonderful way of communicating with like minded individuals

I'm rambling but all I know is i met my best friend through the internet and I love her with all my heart -she has been there for me at all times and vice versa - so whatever the intelectual arguements may be- in my world it would be poorer for not having met her - and that is enough for me

2007-09-01 // 23:03:02

i'm with polagem DHL suck .. lol :D
i used to be able to order something and if i was at work when it came i could walk to pick it up ... DHL .. no idea when it will come so not sure where to put delivery address .. always miss it .. f'n 15 mile trek to pick it up :D

2007-07-20 // 01:26:45

i have started a project called 'who the hell would care about my life'
it will involve not taking a polaroid of myself and my life for a year

the resulting lack of work will be displayed on an empty wall next year

i thank you ;)

(no offense meant to anyone honestly .. just feeling a bit mischievous tonight and having a bit of fun ;) )

also go and watch this guys


proof positive it is not the medium you shoot in .. it is how you think creatively
(stop motion shot on digital slr)

2007-05-23 // 10:21:07

so who's going to berlin on saturday then :-)
just about to look for flights
anyone recommend any decent hotels?


2007-04-18 // 00:21:22

this is not, i promise, another 'new uploads go look' post .. he he :-)

but given i have just started shooting again after a long break and that i do value peoples opinions here, i would very much like to hear what you think good or bad, on this shot


and indeed any of the j + s + d shots .. would appreciate the feedback

d :-)

2007-04-01 // 02:38:59

i'm with tod on this one, and good for him for stimulating a debate!
when i look at a shot i want it to mean something to me .. i want it to have a personal connection .. that does not mean it has to be well constructed, well lit or indeed laboured over (though they can all help :-)), i just prefer shots 'from the heart' over something that is merely 'pretty' or 'arty' ...and it's fine that others will disagree ... in my opinion it was just an opinion expressed and some need to take such opinions less personally :-)