2011-06-17 // 23:02:42

lol @ esther & her recipe..

2011-06-11 // 17:07:03

I just shot my first PX-70 photo and I like it! :)

I have to admit though I haven't tried the previous incarnation of the Impossible colour film yet, so I have no idea how similar they are..

2011-04-09 // 15:38:23

@Valley: I don't like FB myself, but even if ppl use it privately, doesn't have anything to do with not having friends. Just to give you one example: I recently went to a country that isn't as "progressive" (or progressed) as most European countries, where FB was *the* means for young ppl to stay in touch with one another during a major upheaval. They continue to use it to exchange important news/updates relevant to their lives & future.

Re: hackers: most hackers & IT people these days have switched from "regular" laptops (with linux or similar OS's installed) to Macs. If that doesn't say anything about quality, security & realibility, I don't know what else does.

2011-04-09 // 01:46:27

Valley-Forge, believe it or not.. these kinds of things pay other people's bills. Like mine, for example.

Btw. these days, most hackers work on MacBook Pro's. And not because they're oh-so-hip. Just sayin'.

2011-04-08 // 02:17:39

Huuuhh.. Does anyone know which of the two really big TIP pages on Facebook is the "real"one/the right one to "like"??


Why are there even two that big?? O_o Makes no sense at all from a marketing perspective..

2011-03-12 // 21:50:02

wait, is there a polanoid app?? is it compatible with android? if so: WANT!!! i've secretly been wishing for one for quite a while now.. :/

(and yes, that reads polaNoid, not polaRoid or polaDRoid)

2011-03-12 // 21:47:34

fuck the iphone - android FTW.

2011-02-14 // 11:43:38

Well.. the current project is "cute" but not exactly inclusive. :)

2011-01-26 // 10:12:20

hey polanoiders, ebay user derhemdenmann is using YOUR photos to promote his TIP film auctions. thought i'd let you know! »link
^ aber der preis is heiss..

^ alles klar
dem herren wird gerade in aller hoeflichkeit die nase gebrochen


2011-01-19 // 01:40:36

I don't get all the Gaga hatred. I'm pretty sure that at least 50% of the people on here listen to crap music most of the time, so..

(And nah, please don't tell me it's JUST because of the whole Polaroid deal.)